When God Makes Us Wait?

Psalms 25:4-5

On the road of life, crucial decisions are like intersections that call for us to choose which way to go. If we barrel through without seeking the mind of Christ, the road we pick may lead to regret and heartache. Although the Lord is ready and willing to offer clear direction, He doesn’t always give it quickly. Knowing that He has good reason for withholding immediate instruction can help us wait patiently at the intersection for His guidance.

At times, God leaves us in our confusion because He wants to get our attention. When everything is running smoothly, we tend to forget the Lord. But uncertainty draws us back to Him like a magnet. By aligning our steps with His and walking in submission to the Spirit, we open our ears to hear His voice.

Our waiting period is God’s preparation time. In bringing about His sovereign purposes, He may put us on hold while He coordinates events to line up with His will. Sometimes the Lord has work to accomplish in us before we are ready to handle what He’s planned for our future. Also, waiting helps strengthen us spiritually. If we instantly received His direction, we would rarely have the opportunity to exercise our faith. Christian maturity becomes evident in the ability to wait in peaceful confidence, trusting that in God’s time, we will know what to do.

If impatience tempts you to jump ahead of the Lord’s timing, you risk stepping outside of His will and missing His blessings. But by waiting until He gives clear direction, you will walk in His peace with certainty, instead of stumbling around in anxiety and confusion.

Bible in One Year: Acts 5-7