The School of Obedience

Proverbs 3:5-6

Welcome to God’s School of Obedience. Today and tomorrow we will be sitting in on a class called “Obedience 101.” For some of us, the lesson will be new material; for others, a good review. In this course, we are trying to master the essential elements of an obedient, God-honoring lifestyle. Here are a couple of things we must learn to do in order to achieve our goal:

Trust. A key requirement for obedience is trusting in God—this is something the Lord expects of us (Prov. 3:5). He knows obedient responses result from a foundation of faith, while most rebellion derives from a lack of it. Therefore, to live obedient lives, we must believe God is who He has revealed Himself to be. We must also accept His plans, methods, and timing. We can deepen our trust level by obeying and watching for the Lord’s response. Remember, God delights in blessing those who do what He says.

Wait. We seem to find the element of patience particularly challenging. When we don’t know what to do, we often rely on our own understanding, make a move, and then hope God will approve and bless it. That’s not scriptural. God is more than willing to show us what to do. He’s given us His Spirit as our teacher because He wants us to know how to proceed. We must wait in an attitude of trust until we are certain.

God assumes full responsibility for giving us direction in our lives. He desires to let us know each step along the way. But we must come to Him with a trusting heart and a willingness to wait before He reveals what to do next.

Bible in One Year: John 6-7