Silk Road Transmitter Project: How You Can Help TWR

Silk Road Transmitter


A 200,000-watt transmitter in the middle of Asia! Are you crazy?

Not at all! Since the collapse of the Soviet Union, there have been many doors opened for ministries to work in Central Asia. Recently, many governments in that region have tightened the regulations and added new restrictions for churches and their activities. In these countries, Islam is the predominant religion people adhere to. Because of this, Christians in this region often face oppression from community and family. For many believers, one of the only ways to receive biblical teaching is through radio programs. This is especially true for believers living in rural areas. That is where TWR and its new 200,000-watt Silk Road Transmitter come in. This upgrade will allow longer and more frequent Biblical broadcasting opportunities to Central Asia.

Missionaries from across the globe have had difficulties in reaching Central Asia with the Gospel. One reason for this difficulty is the vastness of the area and often difficult terrain. In all, about 60 million people are living in the coverage area of the Silk Road Transmitter. Radio broadcasting is reaching millions of people that would otherwise be difficult for missionaries to reach. These broadcasts reach 10 of the 12 largest cities in the region and also reach the vast rural areas.

Why is the Silk Road Transmitter so imperative?

In January 2017, a 150,000-watt transmitter was taken out of service in the region. This removal forced TWR to reduce the frequency and number of broadcasts to Central Asia. Currently, believers often must stay up late into the night to access the broadcasting they love. Sometimes they cannot access those programs at all. Adding this new Silk Road Transmitter will increase the coverage area to Central Asia. Once greater coverage and more power are implemented, TWR will be able to broadcast more programs.

With the addition of this new transmitter, 10 countries will be receiving the Gospel over the radio. These countries will be receiving much needed biblical teaching and spiritual direction. The best part of these broadcasts is that they will be in the native language of each country. Hearing the Word of God in one’s own language makes the Good News so much more personal and effective.

How you can help people in Central Asia access God’s Word

The best way for you to help this powerful ministry thrive is to make a donation to Trans World Radio. TWR is seeking to raise $593,000 to fund the building of the Silk Road Transmitter. This fund will also pay for the first year of broadcasting.

You can make a donation by visiting their website at

You can also donate by calling 800-880-4897 now.