India is Listening

india-final-3Only a tiny fraction of India’s 1.1 billion people are evangelical Christians. But millions are hearing the gospel of Jesus Christ in 16 of their own languages through programs produced by local believers and aired daily on shortwave and weekly on local FM radio. Christ-followers in India with a passion to reach their own people with the Good News have been trained to produce radio programs that will touch the hearts of those searching for hope and meaning in life and draw them to know Him.

In one radio series, portions of the New Testament are read and the listener is asked, “Would you like a New Testament of your own to read?” New Testaments are sent to those who respond, and many continue corresponding with Reach Beyond’s partner’s follow-up team. Many believers in India live isolated in places where there are no other known Christians. The program “Church On Air” allows small groups of believers or individuals to “attend” church via the radio and be discipled. One church started producing a 15-minute program in their language in 2004 for our partner’s shortwave broadcasts. In six years, they started over 100 house churches with many of the radio listeners who came to Christ.

Thousands are responding to the message of salvation as they hear it on the radio. India is ripe for God’s harvest of souls!

One year of daily radio programs in one of the 16 languages costs $4,500 to produce and air.

AM 790 KSPD wants partner with Reach Beyond Australia in spreading the gospel to the rural villages of India.

Will you join Reach Beyond and KSPD to sow the seeds of the Gospel in hearts that need Him?

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