Holly Springer: Life after a Brain Aneurysm

holly-springerHolly Springer’s life was drastically changed after suffering from a seven-week coma and brain aneurysm. Today she continues to live a full and happy life following a life changing brain injury.

Holly Springer is a three-time author and brain aneurysm survivor who rebuilt her life after being told it would be a tragedy. Springer continues to inspire others who have experienced brain injuries and other limitations life has thrown at them through her three memoirs.

In her memoir, “Waiting For Grace,” Holly Springer discusses her mental and physical rebuilding post brain aneurysm and how her faith changed her life into a miracle. Springer reminds readers that life may not always be easy, but hard work and strong relationships can help build a full life.

“I feel very strongly the individual should have the ability to dictate how they want the quality of their life to be,” Springer said. “Although I think I am always learning, it was not until I really had time to reflect that I began to recognize the opportunity each day provides to understand myself better.”

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