by Charles R. Swindoll

Philippians 4:13–14

I honestly believe that “forgetting” is the hardest part of “forgiving.” Forgetting is something shared with no other person. It’s a solo flight. And all the rewards are postponed until eternity . . . but how great they will be on that day! Forgetting requires the servant to think correctly which means our full focus must be on the Lord and not on humanity. By God’s grace, it can happen.

Ask yourself these two questions:

Is there someone or something I have refused to forget, which keeps me from being happy and productive?

Am I a victim of self-pity, living out my days emotionally paralyzed in anguish and despair?

If your answer is yes, stop and consider the consequences of living the rest of your life excusing your depression rather than turning it all over to the only One who can remove it.

And lest you are still convinced it’s “too late” . . . you are “too old to change” . . . your situation is “too much to overcome,” trust me. Listen, it is never too late to start doing what is right. Never!

Better late than never.

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