Old Testament scholar John Walton affirms a historical Adam—but says there are far more important dimensions to Genesis. Interview by Kevin P. Emmert/ March 19, 2015 View the Full Article Here In recent years, John Walton, professor of Old Testament at Wheaton College, has been both lauded and criticized for his interpretation of Genesis 1–2. In his 2009 landmark book, The Lost World of Genesis One (InterVarsity Press), he argued that to rightly understand Genesis 1—an ancient document—we need to read it within the context of the ancient world. Read alongside other ancient texts, he says, Genesis 1 is not about how God made theRead More →

Episode from Today’s Family Life Air Date: 2015-03-24 Click Here to Listen One hundred and sixty eight. That’s the average number of texts a teen types in a day. Author Brian Housman, founder of 360 Family, gives parents some practical advice for keeping their kids safe on the internet. Who’s Brian Housman? – Click Here for BioRead More →

Episode from Today’s Family Life Air Date: 2015-03-23 Click Here to Listen When it comes to technology, are your kids light years ahead of you? Youth expert Brian Housman talks realistically to parents about engaging their kids around the topic of technology. Exhorting parents about their assignment from God to love and protect their kids, Brian reminds parents that technology is to be used in an honoring way, and this must be modeled and taught in the home. Who’s Brian Housman? – Click Here for Bio  Read More →

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