The Courage to Obey

Joshua 1:1-9

Most people would be pleased to accept the honor of leading a nation. Perhaps Joshua felt that way, too. But there’s no doubt that he was very aware that leading the Israelites out of the wilderness would be a daunting task and responsibility. Yet he was determined to obey God no matter what.

The Hebrew people were a difficult bunch. Not only did they grumble about food, water, safety, and rules; they also questioned Moses’ leadership and, almost as soon as his back was turned, rebelled against God. Now Joshua—a man they once threatened to stone (Num. 14:10)—was poised to lead these wayward desert nomads safely home. His was a God-sized task indeed.

Ultimately, however, Joshua took up the mantle of leadership with courage. Any uncertainty was replaced by boldness and resolve. He placed his faith in God, the One who had never let the people down. Joshua fully expected the Lord to be true to His word again and deliver them to the Promised Land.

I don’t know what challenge you are facing, but I do know that God will enable you to tackle it bravely, calmly, and victoriously. Whether you are a woman in a painful marriage, a family man contemplating a return to school, or a person in the clutches of a dreaded disease, God says to you, “Be strong and courageous” (Josh. 1:9).

Joshua’s courage was based upon years of seeing God’s faithfulness. Whether you’ve been a Christian for five minutes or 50 years, you can have the same confidence. The Bible promises that the Lord is sufficient to meet your needs and see you safely through your journey until you reach heaven (Phil. 4:19).

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