Do Christians Sin? Matt Slick talks about the Christian struggle with sin. Can we sin and still be saved? How many times? Matt gives the proper perspective we need to have when dealing with sin in our lives. The Christian life is characterized by ongoing confession and repentance. Matt Slick Archive PageRead More →

It’s everywhere in our society and churches, yet almost never talked about. By Jason Todd April 16, 2015 Jason Todd is Assistant Minister to Students at New Community Church in Wildwood, MO. He is currently finishing his M.Div. at Covenant Theological Seminary and his first picture book, H-Hoo’s There?… Learn More About Jason Most Christians today like to say that all sins are “equal” in the eyes of God, that there is no scale of less or worse sins, that a white lie or a homicide alike would have been enough to require Christ to die on the cross. We say this in theory, butRead More →