Micah 6:6-8 There’s a simple message from God that is repeated over and over throughout Scripture—He delights far more in our efforts to know Him than in any gift we might offer Him. God created us with a deep desire to be known, so it shouldn’t be difficult for us to understand that seeking Him expresses our love better than words ever could. We begin to take advantage of our great privilege to personally know God when we receive His free gift of new life through Jesus Christ. From that moment on, we are filled with His Holy Spirit. Jesus, our Mediator, spanned the gapRead More →

Our salvation is not earned by what we do or how many good things we have done. Our salvation is earned solely by the work and blood of Jesus Christ. However, if we call ourselves Christians we will be living like it. Matt is talking about the balance and the right relationship between our salvation and our works. We don’t work to be saved but we do good works because we are saved. Matt Slick Archive PageRead More →

Same-Sex Marriage. Is it Right? Is it Wrong? On what basis can we say either one? Matt talks about Same-Sex Marriage and the hypocrisy that exists in the discussion. Where do we draw the line,and aren’t the ones who may be calling non-affirming Christians “judgmental” be judgmental themselves? Matt also talks about what role we play in our salvation. Do we work with God in order to keep ourselves saved? Synergistic Soteriology is the idea that we cooperate with in order to achieve or maintain our salvation. Matt Slick Live Archive PageRead More →