Does being Reformed change the way we preach the Gospel? Do we need to package it in a different way? Do we need to present it differently? There are different nuances when preaching the Gospel from a Reformed perspective and Matt shares what some of those are.  Read More →

Matt takes some time to explain the work of Have you wondered about all things undertaken by Matt and the ministry? Listen in as Matt explains a few details about what CARM does and hopes to do in  the future. Please help and support Matt and CARM.orgRead More →

Matt talks about hell. Is it biblical to believe there is no literal hell? Matt also answers questions pertaining to Jesus preaching to the Dead in 1 Peter.Read More →

Today, May 5, Matt Slick will be on Heart of the Matter. Matt Slick a 5 point Calvinist and founder of CARM will be on the show May 5th. Slick’s desire is to teach us and Shawn what we have been missing in the correct understanding of Calvinism. 2 Hr. show You can tune in Today at 8pm (MST) by clicking the link – You will be able to call in at (888) 868-4686 or you can submit a question at – Started in early 2006, Heart of the Matter is a TV show produced in the Mecca of Mormonism, Salt Lake City.Read More →

Planned Parenthood: Promoting Death and Destruction By Joseph Williams Orginal Article at ACLJ.ORG We all know Planned Parenthood performs nearly 330,000 abortions every year. Planned Parenthood ends the lives of nearly 900 vulnerable unborn children every day. The Government Accountability Office (GAO) recently confirmed Planned Parenthood has used $1.5 billion in taxpayer money to promote abortion over the past three years. But besides performing nearly 90 abortions per second, what exactly is Planned Parenthood promoting? It is opposing informed consent laws that would empower women with as much medical information as possible. One pro-abortion Planned Parenthood doctor referred to women “seeing the baby on anRead More →