KSPD 790 AM/94.5 FM – Saturday

12:00 AM Music Thru the Night (Kellogg, Basick) 
4:00 AM Born to Win (Dart)
4:30 AM Turning Point Weekend (Jeremiah)
5:00 AM Thru the Bible (McGee)
5:30 AM Truth for Life Weekend (Begg)
6:00 AM In Touch Weekend (Stanley)
6:30 AM Love Worth Finding (Rodgers)
7:00 AM Healthline (Marshall)
8:00 AM Thru the Bible (McGee)
8:30 AM Destined for Victory (Sheppard)
9:00 AM Scripture, Science, & Salvation (Long)
9:15 AM Bible on the Table (Blackburn)
9:30 AM In Times Like These (Whitten)
10:00 AM Game Plan for Life (Hall)
10:30 AM Break Point This Week (Stonestreet)
11:00 AM Steve Brown Etc. (Brown)
12:00 PM The Gospel Changes Everything (Bales)
12:15 PM Science, Scripture & Salvation (Long)
12:30 PM Truth for Life (Begg)
1:00 PM Turning Point Weekend (Jeremiah)
1:30 PM Family Talk Weekend (Dobson)
2:00 PM Issues in Education (Boyd)
2:30 PM Let My People Think (Zacharias)
3:00 PM Come Let Us Reason Together (Gilbert)
4:00 PM Focus on the Family Weekend
5:00 PM Unshackled (PG Missions)
5:30 PM Words to Live By (DeHann)
6:00 PM Thru the Bible (McGee)
6:30 PM Insight for Living (Swindoll)
7:00 PM Truth for Life (Begg)
7:30 PM Adventures in Odyssey
8:00 PM Paws and Tales (Insight for Living)
8:30 PM Unshackled (PG Missions)
9:00 PM New Life Live Weekend (Arterburn)
10:00 PM White Horse Inn (Horton)
10:30 PM Words to Live By (DeHaan)
11:00 PM Music Thru the Night (Kellogg, Basick)