Family Life Today

FamilyLife Today® is a daily 25 to 30 minute broadcast that provides practical, biblical tools to address the issues affecting your family in a format that is conversational in nature. At the core of every program is motivation, encouragement, and help.

You can tune in each weekday at 5 AM and 8 PM MST in order to listen to FamilyLife Today. You can also follow the links below to learn more.

Thru the Bible

Matt Slick Live

Listen to "Matt Slick Live" on Spreaker.

Matt Slick Live is a 60-minute program which airs Monday-Friday from 3-4 PM MST here on 94.1 The Voice. You can call in and talk to Matt at 877-207-2276. Matt Slick is your full-contact theologian. Check out the CARM (Christian Apologetics Research Ministry) website owned and run by Matt that gets over 2 million page views every month.