Dr. Charles L. Rogers – Homeopathic Medicine

Jamie is talking with Dr. Charles L. Rogers who is a Homeopathic Medicine Doctor. They are talking about what Homeopathic Medicine is and how it differs from traditional medicine. They’re also talking about how Dr. Rogers got involved in Homeopathic Medicine and his own success.

Dr. Rogers doesn’t perform surgery, and he rarely administers a drug to his patients. Instead, a homeopath gives his patients a “100 percent natural medication” that is derived from the earth’s substances. Whereas most drugs prescribed by medical doctors are synthetic and assist the body in fighting off illness, homeopathic remedies are instead supposed to trigger the body’s immune systems to gear up and fight the illness itself. All of his remedies are derived from animals, vegetables, minerals, herbs, plants, flowers, roots and seeds.

You can learn more about Dr. Charles L. Rogers and see the successes he’s had in treating cancer patients at doctorofhope.com