Matt is talking with Ex-Mormons Mike and Lynn Wilder who were deeply involved in the Mormon faith and came to know Christ. You can check out there website at unveilingmormonism.comRead More →

Matt answers several calls today. Is drinking even the smallest amount of alcohol a sin? Does James mean we are saved by our works? Should we home school? Is Mormonism Christianity? Listen in as Matt answers and discusses these questions.  Read More →

Matt is talking answers some questions pertaining to Mormonism. Is an alien a living beingĀ  from another planet? Is the god of Mormonism a living being from another planet? Matt also talks about scripture being our final authority. All of our experiences and emotions need to be seen against the light of scripture.Read More →

Should Christians get tattoos? How do we handle the insurgence of Refugees? Matt also talks about using an invitation to go to a Mormon Church as an opportunity to witness.Read More →